Vin du Marché Merlot × 2

IGP Pays d’Oc, France, 2019. Generous nose of plum and blackberry, the palate is medium bodied, fruity and has gentle tannins.

Merlot is a really versatile wine with food pairings. Try it with Roasted Pork & Vegetables or a hearty, cheesy Gratin.

L’Enclos Merlot Cabernet Domaine de Castelnau × 2

Pays d’Oc, France, 2018. 13.5% Abv. Sweet juicy fruit dominates this wine, with plum, black cherry and raspberry. Supple and smooth, with juicy tannins and nice freshness on the finish.

This expression pairs beautifully with fattier meats like Beef or Lamb. Wonderful with a rustic Hotpot or Casserole.

Quebradas Merlot × 2

Central Valley, Chile, 2019. 13.5% Abv. Aromas of dark plums, black cherries with hints of sweet toast and mocha. A well balanced and rounded wine with fresh acidity and soft tannins.

A great wine to drink all on its own but also can be enjoyed with hearty Lamb or Beef dishes.



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